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Dinner Party Starters – Wow Them

When a party is just around the corner, the host of the party will most likely spend a couple of hours thinking about the dinner menu. There are some who just order fast food like a bucket of chicken or order the best pizza in town and that’s it, party dinner solved.

If you have some problems choosing which is which, you can always check the internet for suggestions or go ask someone you trust. Look up for delicious dinner party starters to set the mood right and have a successful get together with the gang which happen once in a blue moon.

Suggestions for a delicious dinner party starter would be chicken satay skewers.

Coming from a tender and perfectly seasoned spicy chicken with cream and sweet peanut sauce, what more could you want, right? For those types of parties that would basically love a more universal taste, the chicken satay skewer is the menu for the night. You have the choice to do it all on your own since you can copy the ingredients on the internet or hire someone to do it for you. You can start with the Thai style marinade for the chicken and the peanut sauce for the chicken. Using a pre made version will be no problem, the guests will barely taste the difference.

The only thing you need will be a package for the chicken tenders as well as the bamboo skewers. Making everything right will be essential so make sure that you start early in the day for the assembling. Save yourself some valuable time and start early in the morning. You will have an extra tender chicken after adding the marinade and leaving it to seep.

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You need to go for smoke salmon and cucumber bites.
You have to know that you can also have this type of delicious dinner party starter made ahead. These will be bite size which means they can be easy to eat. You can throw these right when the party is at a relaxing stage as guests enjoy their cocktails, perfect for digging on some bite size salmon. Think about adding some king crab legs,too.

You will need a good package of smoked salmon and some English cucumber. You will need types of cheese here and it will be herbed cheese spread and some cream cheese. Adding some fresh dill as well to make it better. Slicing the cucumber into 1/4 inch will be the way to start. Each slice will be topped with a schmear of cheese spread. Add some dill and put some cheese on the salmon as well. Think about getting the right starters for your social event, guests will sure to flock for some more of that delicious meat that you set out for them to devour.