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Warning Signs that You Need a Change of What You Eat

The foods that you choose to eat may be causing a lot more than adding a few more pounds on your hips. You can experience irritated bowels, mild allergic reactions and constant exhaustion from lack of sleep as a result of the foods you eat. In some cases, the cause may be deficiencies in vitamins, while in other cases it may be allergies. Whatever the cause may be, making dietary changes can work miracles to your well-being.

Boost Your Brain Power
If you are constantly experiencing forgetfulness; your diet could be to blame. Despite the fact that the brain forms a small percentage of your body weight, it utilizes more than 20 percent of all the energy you consume. Poor quality sustenance such as highly processed foods or junk foods will eventually reduce your concentration abilities.

According to studies, eating more blueberries, not skipping breakfast, eating more oily fish, and drinking the occasional cup of coffee will benefit your cognitive functions. Your risk of developing dementia can be reduced by moderate consumption of alcohol.

Tackle Histamine Intolerance
If you happen to have headaches for no reason, your face turns bright red after consuming red wine, or your tongue gets itchy and nose runny when you eat bananas or avocados, then you are suffering from histamine intolerance.

Increasing your level of onions consumption can improve your tolerance as they contain a natural antihistamine, quercetin. Pomegranates can help ease the symptoms of allergies and have an anti-inflammatory action, while olive oils is a good source of oleic acid, which can boost your level of diamine oxidase which is the main enzyme used in the breakdown of histamine.

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Oversome Bowel Problems
Individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome may experience a range of symptoms including cramps and severe abdominal pain. Certain foods may help but everyone is different so what works for one person might not necessarily work for another in which case you can try dietary supplements aimed at reducing these symptoms. Learn more about them here. If the cause of your irritable bowel syndrome is as a result of eating particular foods, you can try to identify them by following an elimination diet.

Fire Up Your Immune System
Eat a diet low in vitamins A, B6, C and the mineral zinc and you will have a lower immune system. Foods that contain all the necessary ingredients for boosting your immunity include beef, eggs, shellfish, and liver but many people avoid them for the mistaken belief of being unhealthy.

Safety Strategies
If you are allergic to some food types; you must ensure that you adopt a series of strategies to avoid eating the offending items in future. The first way is by reading the labels for every food product you buy. Make sure that you do this even if you have bought the same item in the past as manufacturers occasionally change the formulation of their products and may include something that triggers your allergic reaction.