Top Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Have you ever struggled with unwanted hair? Do not feel alone, most people at some point have as well. There are several solutions to this problem, I will be outlining some of them here and the procedures that come along with it and what to expect.

The most common way other than shaving the areas is waxing. Some of these you can do at home yourself with the correct supplies or you can pay to have a professional wax done. There are two types of wax, there is the “soft” wax and the hard “wax”. The soft is used on the larger areas of the body such as legs and the chest on men, this is used in conjunction with muslin strips or paper. The hard is used on the bikini area, underarms, and face area, no strips are used as this becomes hard and lifts the hair. This procedure is less painful than the strip method. This method is not permanent you will need to return and have the waxing done again as the hair grows back.
The other type of hair removal is with cream hair removers, there are a variety of these on the market. These can be easy to use but however you will want to make sure you are not allergic to chemicals that are used in the mixture. This article is the 101 of Hair Removal Cream for further reading. Once you apply the cream generally in less than three minutes to four minutes you can wipe away unwanted hair. This however again is not a permanent solution; the process will need to be reapplied once hair grows back. Another group that would fall into this is also called ‘bleaching’ basically you are using a chemical to remove the darker color in the hair, however, the hair is still there but not as noticeable.
The next one is laser hair removal, do not be afraid of the word laser and it is getting applied to your skin. These procedures are done by medical professionals who are skilled in laser hair removal. Laser hair removal Annapolis MD is a great area to look for specialist in this field. These treatments can be done within a few minutes up to hours depending on how much and where you are getting hair removed. Many people ask if it is a painful procedure and most say it is a bit uncomfortable, but it is not unbearable. A bit of History of Laser Hair Removal is an informative read for more in depth on the subject. The number of treatments you will need is based on your skin condition and the area that is being treated, however, this is a permanent solution to remove the unwanted hair over your sessions.
In conclusion, whatever you decide to use to remove unwanted hair there is an option for you. The biggest thing to consider before doing any procedure is to ask questions of the professional that will be removing the hair. If you are attempting to do it yourself than make sure to read all warnings on the package and follow the directions, if it states to do a small test spot on your arm or leg follow the directions to make sure you are not allergic to any of the chemicals.

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