How the saree trend varies in the different states of India

India is a land of diversity and owing to this diversity, several cultures coexist in different states of the country. Although separate customs, dresses, and traditions thrive in one land, saree is that piece of clothing which unites all the Indian states in one thread. It is that ethnic wear that is worn throughout the country despite of their varying cultures and ethnicity.

And this saree which binds India into one single thread, in turn has several different ways in which it can be draped. While women in some Indian states prefer to wear traditional sarees, others prefer wearing designer sarees. These days, traditional sarees have also been turned into designer ones with innovative designs occupying the scene in the country.

You’ll be astonished to know that women in different states of India drape sarees differently and here we bring to you how this varies from one state to another.

1. Bengali style

Bengali women wear their sarees in a very traditional and different manner. They choose royal and elegant sarees with heavy borders and drape them in a style which involves broad box pleats in the front giving the entire attire and ethereal look. This style of wearing a saree by the Bengali women is not at all easy but looks really good if done in the right manner.

2. Andhra style

This is quite an elegant style to drape saree. Generally, women from Andhra Pradesh drape their sarees from left towards right as opposed to the normal tradition of wearing a saree from right towards left. This style of draping a saree also acts positively in favour of flattening your body curves and it is believed that the saree looks better if its length is more. Some features that make this style stand out from others are its narrow pleats that are done on the back and the joint made through twisting the saree cloth twice around our bodies. With the pallu generally thrown around a woman’s right shoulder and it can be left hanging loose or can be tied around our neck.

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3. Assamese style

Assamese women wear the most beautiful silk and handloom sarees. Their style of draping a saree is very decent and elegant. Known as mekhela chador, the sarees draped by the women of Assam come in two pieces. The piece which forms the bottom of the saree is worn as a sarong, while the other piece that forms the upper garment is then tucked in and is thrown as a shawl over the other shoulder.

4. Maharashtrian style

Popularly known as the nine yard saree, this style of draping a saree by the Maharashtrian women speak a lot about their distinct culture and traditions. Their style of wearing a saree is quite different than the other states. The lower part of the saree is worn like a dhoti, and the upper part of the garment is draped like a normal saree. This distinct form of draping a saree is also the most comfortable way as it allows for the movement of legs easily.

5. Gujarati style

It is more common for women in Gujarat to wear saree on normal days. For them the saree style popularly known as ‘ seedha pallu’ is the only way they drape their sarees. Their style of draping a saree is more like that of lehenga choli wherein the pallu is used instead of the dupatta. This style look great on almost all the occasions and especially with the heavy sarees. Many times this style is chosen by the women to showcase the heavy and intricate work done on the pallus of their sarees.

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