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The Essential Facts on Video Conferencing which Make it Relevant in Organizations

Advancement in technology and internet has influenced most activities in the recent times. Video conferencing allows people to hold meetings while they are in different locations yet they can see and talk to each other in real time. It is possible to hold a meeting with different participants who do not have a physical presence, but they can make their contributions from wherever they are through video conferencing. Video conferencing is not a new thing, but people have been hesitant to use it because it was thought to be expensive and by then, most people did not have advanced devices that they could use for video conferencing. However, times have changed, and everything is simplified as you can video conference on smartphones or any other mobile. This article examines some of the benefits that accrue from the use of video conferencing by organizations.

You can video conference with several people – Most people find it challenging to differentiate between video conferencing and video calling. Video calling is a one to one video communication, and it involves only two parties while video conferencing involves many participants communication through a video where they see and talk to one another. This makes video conferencing suitable for organizations with employees scattered in different parts to convene a meeting without necessarily having them physically present at the office.

No traveling – Traditionally, you have to travel a long distance to attend meetings, and that can be expensive. An affordable option would be video conferencing because people can talk about various issues as if they are physically present, but they are separate in different places. There are other related costs such as accommodation and meeting venue, and you can avoid all the costs by choosing to do the meeting through video conference.

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Supervising employees – In organizations where staff members are out of the office to do their work in the field, it can be quite cumbersome to monitor them and know precise places that they are at the field. Not only will you communicate with them but you will visualize what is transpiring at the place they are, and thus, you can have a true picture of what is happening on the ground from the office. Therefore, you can give them instruction accordingly, and you will also have some level of control over what is occurring on the field.

Essential for telecommuting – Video conferencing makes working at home easy, and that is if the kind of job you do allows working from home. However, that does not mean that offices are irrelevant because you can go there when you are needed. However, video conferencing facilitates communication with co-workers and also giving progress reports to superiors.

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