Five Things You Must Have on Vacation

You’re fortunate if you’re getting ready to go on vacation. That’s a wonderful thing. However, you should want to maximize your time and your fun level while you’re there. Certain accessories are vital to your trip. Here are five of them.


You should never go on vacation without eye shades. Most vacation spots are full of sunlight, which means that you could have issues seeing if you don’t wear sunglasses. A pair of quality sunglasses can protect you while you’re driving and when you’re playing sports or riding a rental moped.

Traveler’s Insurance Card

You should have a good travelers insurance policy and keep the card in your wallet when you go on vacation. You never know when you may have a medical emergency or some other issue that the policy covers. Keeping it nearby will cut down the amount of time you have to spend looking for it.

Medical Information Bands

No one will know anything about you at your vacation destination. Therefore, they won’t know what’s going on if you have an issue with your peanut allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy and the like. Medical alert bands can let people know about the conditions that you have so that they can tend to you if something goes wrong. They can be lifesavers during emergencies where there are only a few minutes for someone to save you. Your band is one accessory that you shouldn’t ever want to go on vacation without having.

A Camera

You must have a camera on vacation because you will want to capture everything that you see when you’re there. Smartphones take awesome pictures. You can use your cell phone if you don’t mind that someone may call you while you’re on vacation and interrupt you. A small stand-alone camera may be a better alternative if you don’t want to use your mobile phone. They vary in price according to their design and quality. You don’t need anything fancy, but you don’t want anything that’s too low in quality either. Your pictures won’t be sharp and share-worthy if the quality is too low.

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Rain Gear

Vacations are always full of surprises, and rain is one of them. Someone always gets rained on during their vacation at the most inopportune time. You can prepare yourself for that by packing and bringing a poncho or umbrella. You can bring both if you want to be extra safe. Additionally, you can purchase some rubber shoes that you can take with you in case it rains hard. You can slip your rubber shoes on and not have to worry about that icky feeling that occurs when you get your socks wet.

Now, you should be ready to go. Pack those accessories, and you’ll have a safe and convenient trip. That’s not the entire checklist, but they are some of the most essential. Don’t forget to bring your biggest smile and a positive attitude.