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The Best Way for You to Propose is Down on Your Knee

It is said that if something is worth doing, then might as well do it yourself. This scenario is now being considered by women nowadays with regards to proposals. It is observed that it is becoming a trend among women of today to get down in front of their boyfriends on their knees. Apparently, most ladies are tired of waiting for their boyfriends to make the proposal and so they would happily do this matter themselves.

Considering that you will be happy to do this yourself so that the wedding bells will come sooner, and you are the type who is willing to knock tradition, then you can use some of these suggestions.

The number one that you have to make sure is that your boyfriend is ready to tie the knot. It is not meant here to ask your boyfriend outright about your proposal as this could ruin the thrill of the move. It is better that you take notice of some signs that will give you hints to know if he is ready or not to settle down. In order to determine if your proposal will go well, is to take notice of one of the biggest signs on how your boyfriend would react about marriage and weddings, and how positive is his attitude should be your go signal.

Note that in this case you do not need a ring since male engagement rings are not the in thing. Some of the options could be a diamond bracelet for your man, or a less grand like a pair of cufflinks. Whatever you will give, do not be so stressed about it when you propose since we are sure that it will put a smile on his face once you give him this surprise.

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Another consideration to take when you make the proposal is the location. It is better if you determine if the location will bring extra meaning for you both because it is the restaurant for example where you first met and had dinner, or it is the hotel where you stayed on your first anniversary together. In other words, somewhere with this kind of special meaning that will bring more feelings as you get down on one knee to propose.

Because it is not a trend for women to propose to men, just expect some contradictions from some people like your nearest and dearest, who will tell that this is not the proper thing to do, and thus just wait for your boyfriend to be the one to propose.